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Freedom Time: The Journey
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25 Months...Still Locked and (Not Quite Loving It)

Sorry, this is just a head shot!

Yet another head shot!
(Taken by camera phone)

Title: Me and my locks...25 months and counting!
Mood:  sad
Entry: Next week on the 11th of November marks my 25th month of being happily locked. I wish I could say its been totally wonderful, but truth is it has had its share of ups and downs. As of late, I just haven't been much into my hair. I don't know if its a 2-year itch or what but I am really longing for the chance to explore my natural hair in the unlocked state. I promised myself that I would not cut them for another two years, but I'm quite bored and disappointed with my hair. After 2 years, it is still only partially locked at best. I have a long way to go before I'm completely happy with my hair. Anyway, I've posted some new pics in the meantime.

Signing off,
Me (Bored with my hair!)

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