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Freedom Time: The Journey
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Month One

Week 1
October 15, 2003
Its been 4 days now since my hair was locked and I am loving every minute and inch of it. My website has been down for the past week or so, so I haven't been able to add any updates so far. So to recap the last few days...
My hair was officially locked in the Sisterlocks method this past weekend October 11 & 12. My consultant, Alva, did a wonderful job and I am pleased with the results. I really love the body and freedom my hair has now. In the mornings, i wake up, shake, and go. Not a whole lot of maintenance so far. But just in case, Alva gave me the rollers, setting lotions, and everything else that I'd need to style my hair for the next few months. I love my sisterlocks and its really neat to sit back and imagine what my fully locked will look like someday. Alva says that my hair will take a very long time to lock due to its texture and though I profess to have the patience of Job, I pray that it starts to lock within the next five months so I can cut off my relaxed hair on my birthday, March 10.
Here's some photo's I took later that evening after my hair was done.

Just Finished

Top of head w/ loc ring

Thin Side -- These are the smallest locks I have

Day 2
Random photo, no reason...just because I wanted to post it.  (Okay, actually I was feeling kinda cute that day) 


Week 3
October 28, 2003
So far Week 3 hasn't been much different from Weeks 1& 2. I washed my hair for the first time at the end of week 2 and surprisingly wasn't to bad. The worst part is all the braiding and banding, it is rather time consuming. I do think that my hair is filling in a little bit, the parts don't seem so noticeable (actually, they weren't that noticeable to begin with)
Afterwards, I did an herbal rinse and braided it back up to form bantu knots ( I tried rolling it, but that was nothing cute!). I let it dry overnight. It was so curly! Since the curls fell a bit, I have decided that I really like this hairstyle. Its still amazing to me that I haven't used any heat or products (Other than a tiny bit of SL Moisture Treatment on my scalp, SL Getting Started Shampoo, Nizoral Shampoo, and an Herbal Rinse). I am really, really getting anxious now for my locks to mature. I am going to Alva for my follow up this week. Once they start growing and finally touching my want be able to tell me nothing! Anyway, here's some week 3 photos of my new bantu knotout hairstyle...

bantu knots

Bantu Knots taken down the next day

Week 4
November 10, 2003
Tomorrow is my 1-month Lock Anniversary!!!! (technically its 4 weeks & 3 days)
Woowhoo!!!! Time flies when you're free. I was debating whether or not I wanted to count according to months or weeks and I have decided that I am going to do a combination of both. I will be celebrating my 1 month anniversary on Tuesday with some special photos.
I read somewhere that when we change, all seems to change. Its amazing how this expereince has changed me so far. I think its rather appropiate that I started my locs just as the seasons were beginning to change. Its almost fall, the leaves are falling off of the trees in preparation for a rebirth in the spring. I kind of feel that way about my life, the hair is one thing but I honestly feel like I am changing. Kind of like the seasons, I can feel the dead leaves getting blown away...
 I am discovering new things about me & my hair every single day. Its also a test of patience. It seems like each day I am seeing a beautiful head of locks and wishing it was my hair.
I am ecstatic to have made it this far, and wanted to share my official one month photo...