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Freedom Time: The Journey
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Month Two

December 23
Two days before Christmas, three before Kwanzaa, four before my 11 week loc anniversary....
Its still hard to believe that I am almost at the three month mark of being locked. As I've said so many times before...time flies when you're free (and Sisterlocked).
The past few weeks have been rather interesting for me...I am learning a great deal about myself and dealing with issues that I never anticipated. Its amazing though, the thing that brings me peace amid all my chaos is my hair. I find myself with my hands in my hair all the time, especially when I am feeling down or discouraged. About two weeks ago, I was feeling kind of stressed/depressed and the first thing that I wanted to do was wash my locs.
Yet, this time I wanted to really wash them. I braided and banded but...I didn't wear my usual hair net and I didn't use my SL Shampoo (bad Tika!). I just needed to cleanse away all the frustration and despair that had built up over the week. Boy, I washed and scrubbed with Herbal Essences until I felt better. (Definitely not the best way to wash locs) But, there was something magical that happened as I rinsed and the water ran through my hair to my scalp...the water became almost like a life-giving, saving, healing elixir. I could have stayed there with the water running thru my hair and hands all night.
I said all that to say this, there is a belief amongst people with locs (particularly those with "dreadlocks" (nothing dreadful about them though, we'll call them locks from now on) that your locs hold energy. Now, the energy can be good or bad, negative or positive. After my experience and thus far, I believe that this is true. Your locs reflect where you are and how you are feeling in your life. Before my washing saga, my hair was dull and limp...much like how I was feeling about my life at the moment. But, after I washed I decided to try something different and just like the cleansing of my locs, my soul felt renewed, vibrant and ready to take on whatever life would throw my way. A few things happened and I delt with them differently than I normally would have. Now whether this is all related to simply washing my hair, I'll never know...but, I can truly say I am looking forward to my spirit cleansing in a few days.
Thank you God for healing waters...Amen.

Up Close, (A few days shy of 2 months)
This was taken about 1.5 weeks after retightening, now you see all the parts again. Ugh!

Somethings happening here
This area will be the last to lock, my hair is very soft here and the locks are ultra small.

Bantu Out
This look lasted forever. The curls (crinkles) were very tight, it took a while for it to drop a bit

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